Outstanding loan? Then you pay hundreds of euros too much

When you have an open consumer loan, chances are that you pay too much. Consumers can save an average of € 700 per year on a personal loan or revolving loan by simply saving on interest. This is shown by research into the current rates for personal loans and revolving loans.

Big interest differences

The interest rate differences between a revolving loan and a personal loan are large. Depending on the loan amount, the difference in interest between the type of loan can be up to 4%. You can see this reflected in the monthly costs of the loan, especially when it concerns a larger loan amount. The differences between the cheapest and most expensive loans can amount to € 803 per year at a loan amount of € 25,000. Consumers therefore do well to have an open loan checked by a loan specialist to make possible interest savings.

Save on interest, but also on maturity

The larger the loan amount, the greater the final savings but also on small loan amounts can be saved. In addition to a saving on interest rates, savings can also be made on the term. Because you have to pay less interest, the monthly amount decreases. You can then increase the monthly amount and start paying more. This will shorten the term of your revolving loan and / or personal loan. The transfer of a consumer loan to another type of loan can also reduce interest rates and shorten the term.

In the savings overview above, we managed to realize a saving of € 16,254.81 for this customer. With this saving we have lowered the interest rate from 13% to 6.4%. In addition, the term has been shortened by over 72 months from 192 months to 120 months. As a result, the customer pays less interest and is more debt free.

Do you also have a consumer loan such as a revolving loan and / or a personal loan? Our loan specialists are happy to see if they can realize a saving for you. This is also possible when you have a shipping home loan or for example a loan card. You can find more information about the type of loans you can save on here .

Your financial assistant loan and loan

We also monitor your loan or loan. And if you can save, we will arrange it for you. Register at Consumind.nl. Pleasantly arranged.


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