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When it comes to the world of investing, three words will come to mind: overwhelming, intimidating, and scary. For us regular joes, the questions never seem endearing. Thus, let us return what the experts have said over the years in the subject of investing. Those quotes go back to Ben Franklin, and some are from modern pundits like Dave Ramsey and Warren Buffett. Although markets can change, good investing advice is timeless. (For more information, see here is your brain on Stocks)


TUTORIAL: Retirement Planning

TUTORIAL: Retirement Planning

1 An investment in knowledge pays interest. – Benjamin Franklin
When it comes to investing, nothing will pay more than educating yourself. Do the necessary research, studies and analysis before making any investment decision.

2 The bottom of the investment world does not end with four-year valleys; they end up with 10 or 15 year old valleys. – Jim Rogers
While 10-15 year olds are not common, they happen. During these downtimes, don’t be shy about moving toward the trend and investing; You can make a fortune by making a bold move – or losing your shirt. Remember quote # 1 and invest in an industry you’ve researched thoroughly. Then be prepared to see your investment fall lower before it turns and begins to pay off.

3, I will tell you how to get rich. Close the doors. Be scared when others are greedy. Greedy when others are scared. – Warren Buffett
Be prepared to invest in a down market and to get out in a rising market. (For more information, read Think as Warren Buffett.)

15. The stock market is filled with people who know the price of everything but the value of nothing. – Phillip Fisher
Another proof of investing without an education and research ultimately will lead to regrettable investment decisions. Research is much more than just listening to public opinion.

16. In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable. – Robert Arnott
Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to realize significant gains. Know the limits of your comfort zone and practice stepping out of it in small doses. As much as you need to know in the market, you need to know yourself as well. Can you stay in when everyone else ships? Or come out during the biggest rally of the century? There is no room for pride in this kind of self-analysis. The best investment strategy can turn into the worst if you don’t have the stomach to look through it.

17. How many millionaires do you know who have become rich by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. – Robert G. Allen
While investing in a savings account is a secure card, your profits will be minimal considering the extremely low interest rates. But do not abstain from a whole. A savings account is a reliable place for an emergency fund, while an investment market is not. (For more information, see Savings accounts not always the best place for cash.)

7. Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your fortune. – Paul Clitheroe
We all want wealth, but how do we achieve that? It starts with a successful career based on your skills and talents. Invest in yourself through school, books, or a good job where you can get quality skills. Identify your talents and find a way to turn them into a revenue-generating vehicle. That way, you can really take advantage of your career in a motor of your wealth.

8 Every once in a while, the market does something so stupid it removes your breath. – Jim Cramer
There are no safe investments in the world to invest; There is risk in everything. Prepared for ups and downs. (To learn more about how Cramer makes his hack, see Cramer’s “Mad Money” Summary: Tools of Trade.)

9. The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator. – Ben Graham
You are an investor, not someone who can predict the future. Base your decisions on real facts and analysis rather than risky, speculative forecasts.

10. It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you hold, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you hold for it. – Robert Kiyosaki
If you are a millionaire by the time you are 30, but blow it all by age 40, you have won something. Grow and protect your portfolio by gently diversifying it, and you can find yourself financing many generations to come.

11. Do you know what you own and know why you own it. – Peter Lynch
Do your homework before making a decision. And once you’ve made a decision, be sure to re-evaluate your portfolio in time. A wise holder today must not be a wise possession in the future.

$ 150 – $ 870 Financial Peace is not the acquisition of things. It is to learn to live on less than you do, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this. – Dave Ramsey
By being modest in your expenses, you can make sure you will have enough for retirement and can give back to the community as well.

13. Investing should be more like seeing paint dry or looking at the grass growing. If you want excitement, take $ 800 and go to Las Vegas. – Paul Samuelson
If you think investing is gambling, you’re doing it wrong. The work requires planning and patience. But the profits you see over time are really exciting! (For more reasons to be patient, take patience is a merchant’s merit.)

$ 150- $ 870 I wouldn’t pre-pay. I would invest instead and let the investments cover it. – Dave Ramsey
A perfect answer to the question: Should I pay off my _____ (fill in the blank) or invest for retirement? That said, a credit card debt calling up 30% can turn into a black hole if not paid off quickly. Basically, pay off the debt on high interest rates and keep debt at low rates.

$ 150 – $ 870 The four most dangerous words investing are: “This time it’s different.” – Sir John Templeton
Follow market trends and history. Don’t speculate that this time will be different. For example, an important key to investing in a particular stock or bond fund is its performance over five years. Nothing shorter.

$ 150 – $ 870 Wide diversification is required only when investors do not understand what they are doing. – Warren Buffett
In the beginning, diversification is relevant. Once you’ve got your feet wet and have confidence in your investments, you can adjust your portfolio on this and make bigger bets. (For more reason to reduce your diversification, read the dangers of diversifying your portfolio.)

$ 150 – $ 870 You get recessions, you have stock market falls. If you do not understand that it will happen, then you are not ready, you will not do well in the market. – Peter Lynch
When hit with recessions or decreases, you need to keep the course. Economies are cyclical, and the markets have shown that they will recover. Make sure you are part of these recyclables!

The world investing can be cold and hard. But if you do a thorough research and keep your head straight, your chances of long-term success are good. Refer to these quotes when you feel shaky or confused about investing. How are they relevant to your experience? Do you have any favorite quotes to add? (If you want to know more from big investors, read Greatest Investors.)

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