How to Know if I Should Ask for a Business Loan?


If you are planning to start your own business, you probably already know that the initial capital is hard to come by. Especially if the amount you need is relatively small (less than 10,000 euros), banks sometimes refuse to lend such small amounts. The time and effort of the paperwork involved to get a loan of this type in a bank is not worth it, because you will need to have a good banking record to convince the banks that your business is worthwhile for financing.


Many small business owners are turning to personal loans. These are small loans, normally these range from 500 euros to 10,000 euros, although they tend to be more than 500 to 5,000 euros. Personal loans are available in a variety of sources, from online lending platforms to community organizations and nonprofit groups.


Is it an adequate loan for your small business?

Is it an adequate loan for your small business?

It could be if:

  • You’re starting a business: While traditional lenders distrust new companies, micro lenders often take the opposite approach.
  • You do not have a long credit history: All too often, a relatively small amount of money is all that stands between potential entrepreneurs and their dreams. For those who lack a good credit history, 2000 or 5000 euros may seem out of reach. Online lenders are more willing than traditional lenders to work with applicants with a limited credit history or a low credit score.
  • You have limited access to traditional loans: Online lenders generally focus on underserved communities or specialized groups, such as military veterans, women, immigrants, people with disabilities and members of minority groups, who have more difficulty obtaining traditional loans.

Do you think that personal loans are so small that getting one can not help you?


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Think again. Many entrepreneurs use personal loans to help build their business credit ratings. By returning a small loan on time and in full, you can help establish good credit for your business, which will make it possible for you to get bigger and bigger loans in the future.

One of these platforms that offer this type of microcredit online is Currency Now.

In Monedo Now you can request personal loans that fit you and your needs comfortably from home, either through a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.
The Monedo Now loans are totally personalized, that is, once you make a loan request, Currency Now will analyze it instantly and offer you an offer adapted to your financial needs without any commitment, in this way you can get the best loan in Few minutes.

In short, if you are an entrepreneur or you need a small amount of money and you know you can pay it in comfortable installments do not hesitate to request a microcredit because in a short time you will have it paid.


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