A non-bank business loan is easier to obtain from a bank?

Pożyczka pozabankowa łatwiejsza w otrzymaniu od bankowej?


For a cash business loan, we can go to the bank, but we can also choose non-bank business loans offered by companies specialized in this industry. Due to their growing popularity, we can also increasingly meet business loan offers more easily available than those in banks. How is it really?


Although the majority of Poles still prefer to take a business loan from a bank, the owners of non-banking lending companies can not complain about the lack of interest on the part of their clients. Currently, in addition to business loan companies operating in a fixed position, we can also choose from a range of business loans available via the Internet – all you need to do is connect to the network and basic documents, bank account and phone to get money on your account the same day.

That’s how business loan companies advertise, but how does the situation really look like? Can we actually get a non-bank business loan more conveniently and more easily than at a bank?

What conditions must be met to get a non-bank business loan?

Many people associate non-bank business loans with very easily available ones, but we must point out that also in this case certain requirements must be met. These business loans are offered on different terms depending on the business loan company and the amount of the business loan and its type.

A non-bank business loan may take the form of a payday , i.e. we pay it within a month, or it may be an installment business loan – then the repayment period can be up to several installments, so we pay off the debt in convenient installments.

Both in the case of payday business loans and installment business loans, you must meet such basic conditions as:

  • possession of Polish citizenship
  • permanent address of residence in Poland
  • a valid ID card

These are the main conditions, and in the case of on-line business loans, a bank account and telephone number are also most often needed, although some companies now offer the possibility of receiving a Giro check, ie money is transferred in cash at the post office, not to a bank account.

It is also worth mentioning the creditworthiness and creditworthiness of the customer of business loan companies. Generally, more and more of them check clients in BIK and BIG databases, but some do not make the release of a positive business loan decision dependent on information in such registers. Also in most cases, we do not have to provide documents confirming the receipts – we only fill in the appropriate statement in the business loan application in which we enter our receipts and expenses.

A business loan in a quarter of an hour – yes or no?

In advertisements, we can often find out that we can get a business loan even in a quarter of an hour. Indeed, this is possible, but we must meet several requirements then.

Above all, a lot depends on the process of verification of a new customer – if we choose verification by bank transfer and you can perform it as an interbank transfer, then it will be immediately posted. Some business loan companies also introduce quick verification with special systems.

In addition, we will get a business loan as soon as the application is submitted during the business loan company’s business hours.

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